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Los Angeles Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Beverly Hills Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Being accused of a sex crime is a terrifying experience with serious, life-changing implications. Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Robert M. Bernstein is an experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable legal professional who provides the highest level, exceptional legal defense for individuals who have been accused or are under investigation for sex crimes or sexually-based offenses in Los Angeles and throughout California.

Mr. Bernstein knows that serious sex crime allegations can be made by anyone regardless of physical evidence and are often pursued by overzealous prosecutors. Many sex crime allegations are actually entirely false, invented for purposes such as revenge, anger, jealousy, or in an attempt to gain custody of children in a divorce. As a former prosecutor working directly under United States Attorney General Janet Reno, Robert Bernstein has unique knowledge and experience of both sides of the criminal process and sex crime charges, which gives him an advantage in dealing with prosecutors and representing his clients in criminal court.

Robert M. Berstein is a Los Angeles sex crime attorney committed to aggressively defending sexually based crimes and bringing false accusations to light. Robert M. Bernstein will handle all sex crime charges including:

  • Child Molestation
  • Child Pornography
  • Lewd Conduct
  • Statutory Rape
  • Failure to Register
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Date Rape

As the principal litigator of a small, private law firm that exclusively practices State and Federal Criminal Defense, Robert M. Bernstein personally handles every case. You will never be assigned a junior associate or an outside contractor but will work exclusively with a highly experienced criminal defense attorney. Mr. Bernstein has been practicing Criminal Defense for many years and brings his extensive experience to each and every case.

Since every client’s situation is unique, you deserve an attorney who will take the time to understand your specific needs. What’s more, you will receive this extraordinary level of personal attention throughout the process.

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Sex Crime Penalties in Los Angeles County, California

A sex crime conviction may result in any of a number of penalties, which vary greatly depending upon factors such as the severity of the crime committed, whether a child was involved, whether violence, threats or force were used, and whether the defendant has any prior criminal convictions on their record.

Los Angeles Sex Crime Defense Attorney

When facing serious, life-changing criminal charges, it is important to consult a defense attorney who will give you an honest, thorough evaluation of your case. Los Angeles sex crimes lawyer Robert M. Bernstein is Los Angeles County's premiere criminal defense attorney. His dedication, along with his legal knowledge, skills, and extensive court room experience make him uniquely qualified to defend your case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Beverly Hills

An accusation, investigation, arrest or criminal charge involving any type of sex crime is extremely serious. Particularly when a sex offense involves violence or a child, a defendant may face a number of harsh penalties, placing your liberty and freedom at stake. Whether your charges consist of the possession of child pornography or child molestation, the legal team at the firm is ready to defend your rights and aggressively pursue your freedom.

Facing criminal charges related to a crime of sex can be one of the most destructive offenses. After an arrest takes place, friends and coworkers will begin to question what types of charges the defendant is facing. If they find out that charges related to sexual battery, rape, date rape or statutory rape are the ones that their friend has been accused of, they will begin to question their friendship. An employer may wish to terminate employment for an individual if they find out that they are facing sex crime charges for fear of a future incident, even if the person has not yet been convicted. So, any person that is facing charges for a sex-related crime is advised to talk to an attorney.

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