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Learn Why You Need an Attorney

Do I Need a Beverly Hills Criminal Defense Lawyer?

After being arrested or charged with a crime, most individuals find themselves asking, "Do I need a lawyer?" At the Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein, we are here to tell you that you always need to consult an attorney to find out whether or not you need representation. Once you meet with a lawyer, they will familiarize themselves with the facts of your case to determine whether or not you require their services. Should your legal situation require an attorney, Mr. Bernstein will meticulously handle all aspects of your case, from start to finish, in an effort to have the charges reduced or dismissed completely.Below we have included a list of some questions & answers that may help you figure out whether or not you are going to need a lawyer and what kinds of services and benefits you can expect to receive from your lawyer as your criminal charges are resolved.

Criminal Defense FAQ's

  • If I am innocent, do I still need a lawyer? - Even if you are innocent, it doesn't necessarily mean that judges and jurors will agree with you. Unfortunately, your fate is not up to you, and if the judge or jury presiding over your case does not think you are innocent, you could be convicted and sentenced to harsh penalties. If you are innocent, you most certainly need to retain the services of a Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer who will make sure that others are aware of your innocence too.
  • I'm only under investigation; no charges have actually been filed against me. Why would I need an attorney? - The investigative period is crucial to the future direction of a case, and it is vital that you have a Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and look out for you during the investigation. If you don't have legal protection from a lawyer, investigators and police will take advantage of this and may violate your rights if they know that no one will be there to hold them accountable. If you have representation from Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney Robert Bernstein, he will be constantly aware of your rights and will take the necessary actions to protect them and prevent investigators from acquiring incriminating evidence.
  • There is so much evidence against me, why should I bother hiring an attorney if I'm going to be convicted anyway? - Even if conviction cannot be avoided, there are things a Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer can do to reduce the charges and acquire a lesser sentence. Using his strong negotiating skills, Robert M. Bernstein will try to negotiate a plea bargain or will try to convince the judge to give you a lesser sentence. With the help of a lawyer, the penalties you will face from a conviction may be considerably less than if you didn't have an attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

To find out how you can benefit from having a lawyer, contact Beverly Hills Criminal Defense Attorney Robert M. Bernsteintoday!

Success in the Courtroom

Look Through Some of Our Recent Case Results
  • Reduced to a Misdemeanor Our Client was Facing up to 4 Years in Prison for Possession of Child Pornography. Reduced to a Misdemeanor.
  • Reduced to a Misdemeanor Our Client was Facing up to 4 Years in Prison for Sexual Battery. Reduced to a Misdemeanor.
  • Not Guilty at Trial Our Client was Facing up to a Year in Jail for Lewd Conduct. Not Guilty at Trial.
  • Not Guilty at Trial Our Client was Facing up to 11 Years in Prison for Date Rape / False Imprisonment. Not Guilty at Trial.
  • Reduced to Disturbing the Peace Our Client was Facing up to 6 Months in LA County Jail for Solicitation of Prostitution. Reduced to Disturbing the Peace.
  • No Charges Filed Our Client was Facing 6 Years in Prison for Failing to Register as a Sex Offender. No Charges Filed.
  • Case Dismissed Our Client was Facing 3 Years in Prison for Statutory Rape with Bodily Injury (pregnancy) Case Dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed Our Client was Facing up to 16 Years in Prison for Child Molestation. Case Dismissed.

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